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Business Exit Planning

What is Exit Planning?

Exit Planning is a comprehensive approach to designing an exit strategy from a business. It encompasses setting specific exit objectives. For example, when does the business owner want to leave? To whom will he or she sell the business? Exit Planning also involves the formation of a team of trusted, professional advisors: CPA, Transaction Attorney, Financial Advisor, Investment Banker or Business Broker, Commercial Banker and perhaps a Management Consultant. The advisory team develops a written plan detailing each aspect of the transition sequence in the form of a Road Map that explains exactly what steps will be taken, when and why. In short, it’s project management spanning multiple disciplines.

Strategic Exit Planning is based on the simple premise that eventually every owner will leave the business. The question is whether the owner leaves in a manner that protects the owner, their family and the business. Strategic Exit Planning is a proven process designed to allow owners to identify and achieve specific personal, financial and legacy planning goals.

Strategic Exit Planning will enable an owner to:

  • Transition under their time frame
  • Maximize the after-tax value of the business
  • Ensure continuity in case of an unexpected event
  • Assure financial freedom for their family

If you see ownership change in your future, we can help you plan a successful business exit. We can help you answer seven critical planning questions and help you through the development and implementation of a comprehensive exit plan. Our team has the knowledge and resources to be your quarterback in the exit planning process. The St. Louis Business Journal in association with NABCAP, recognized our LPL Financial office as one of the St.Louis area's Top 10 wealth managers*. Contact us today to find out why at (636) 200-4160.

*Award was earned in 2011 and is based on an evaluation of twenty different practice categories such as experience, credentials, assets under management, fee structure and philosophy among other factors.

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