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The global economies and capital markets have become increasingly complex and uncertain over the past few years. While uncertainty may persist in the markets, there is no uncertainty in our need to create an action plan focused on achieving your goals. The LPL Financial Research Team, informed by a long heritage of independence, is a critical component of the partnership we have with LPL Financial that allows us to focus on keeping your financial goals on track.

Our Partnership with LPL Financial

As Financial Advisors, our main focus is on understanding your financial goals and how they can best be achieved. Understanding your needs, developing a realistic plan, and fostering trust, confidence and transparency are critical components of this process. Creating a well thought out road map, however, is not enough. Having the resources to navigate the market’s near-term uncertainties while ensuring we keep focused on your long-term goals are key elements to our successful partnership.

Fortunately, we can leverage our experience as Financial Advisors with the partnership we’ve forged with LPL Financial and, specifically, with LPL Financial Research, one of the most experienced research teams among independent brokerage firms. LPL Financial Research continues to set an industry standard for independent investment research.

In fact, you may catch members of our team on leading financial networks, in print or on the radio, such as CNBC, the New York Times, or NPR discussing topics related to earnings season, employment, housing, financial regulatory reform, and more.

Putting Independence to Work For You

LPL Financial does not create our own investment products (such as mutual funds) or engage in investment banking. We are not market makers and we do not underwrite initial public offerings or float bond issuances.  Additionally, the LPL Research Team is compensated based on the performance of their individual recommendations and the returns of the LPL model portfolios. Thus, the interests of the LPL Research Team are aligned with the interests of your financial advisors — to identify those world-class investment solutions best suited to help you achieve your financial goals. The LPL Research Team supports our pursuit of your financial goals with the following:

  • Robust Research – Insightful and actionable reports on the global economy and capital markets that help us assess both short- and long-term market trends.
  • Investment Due Diligence – Analysis on thousands of mutual funds, separately managed accounts, alternative investments, exchange-traded products and more to ensure we have access to outstanding investment products and solutions.
  • Model Portfolios – LPL Financial Research builds and monitors portfolios for investors utilizing state-of-the-art asset allocation and portfolio construction tools and methodologies.