Holiday Greeting - It's Veterans Day!

October 30, 2015

Veterans are skilled leaders and problem solvers who have a lot to offer in and out of the service. Got Your 6, a campaign to empower veterans in America, offered some interesting insights about the men and women who have chosen to serve in our country’s military.[1] When veterans return to civilian life:[2]

• 60 percent give to charity each year (as compared to 50 percent of civilians)
• 79 percent register to vote (as compared to 71 percent of civilians)
• 48 percent vote in local elections (as compared to 32 percent of civilians)
• 43 percent belong to a community organization (as compared to 36 percent of civilians)
• 17 percent reach out to public officials (as compared to 10 percent of civilians)

In addition, vets spend about 160 hours each year doing volunteer work.[2] While there are veterans who struggle upon returning to civilian life, many are active, engaged, and invested in their communities. On this Veterans’ Day, celebrate the men and women you know who have served in America’s armed forces.

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