The eMoney client portal is specifically designed to offer you a comprehensive range of powerful features that will keep you connected to your finances, goals, and crucial documents. With a secure personal website accessible on both desktop and mobile, you can effortlessly track your progress towards the goals set by you and our team. 

Our services encompass everything from manual entry of financial data onto the website, to the seamless uploading and maintenance of electronically stored documents. We also provide support for the aggregation function, enabling you to conveniently view consolidated financial information from accounts across various financial institutions. And of course, our dedicated team is always available to answer any questions you have.

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With eMoney, you can effortlessly consolidate all your important financial information into a comprehensive overview. Stay informed about the latest activity in your investment, bank, and credit card accounts with daily updates on your balances. Take charge of your spending by creating a personalized budget and receive timely alerts whenever your attention is needed.

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With eMoney, you can easily add and monitor your progress towards achieving your financial goals. This includes access to efficient spending and budgeting tools, as well as a secure platform to store vital files.

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Planning Your Financial Future

If you’re looking to take the complexity out of managing your finances, it would be our pleasure to talk to you about how you can access your comprehensive financial picture today.

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